Be Our Franchise


Imagine …..

A profession where your work environment comprise of lovely and lively cute faces and smiles - the  children

A profession where you make your life meaningful by carving good human life  - holistic child development

A profession witnessing one of the highest growth rates in industry - Education

A profession where you are your own boss - the entrepreneur

A venture where your dependence on macro-economic factors or market is least - the recession proof industry

An industry where return on investment, time and effort is one of the highest -  A profitable venture.

Having given all the above a sincere thought and if you think that you have the passion, the zeal to make all these a part of your life and to lead the life at your own terms and conditions, then this is how your dream can be  shaped into a reality. We welcome you to join us.
Our unique proposition:

We are a Group of professionals with proven excellence

We, a very young and enthusiastic group of individuals, having extremely good academic backgrounds joined hands together for a cause. The foundation of Lil Cipur is an excellent blend of a pool of talented professionals from the field of child education, education research and experts with an infinite wealth of experience in corporate and strategic management.

We offer a Unique Curriculum backed by intensive research

There are a lot of pre-schools mushrooming in all geographies. Yes, we are selectively present but we are strong and committed. Remember our early childhood days, when we used to play at our backyards with sparrows around. That was truly learning while play. Our group believes that we can reintroduce those pristine learning days.

Enabled with rich leadership the company is born with the vision of setting new benchmarks in the field of education by optimizing quality in all deliverables through Innovation & Research.

We provide you with following support
  1. Setting up your own school – Pre launch to Launch to Post Launch support
  2. Sourcing of equipments, furniture, program material, designing school interiors etc
  3. Professional training to your Staff and Centre Head
  4. Marketing and Branding support
  5. Legally, you will be allowed to use our logo, brand name, curriculum, concepts and other offered services
  6. You get devoid of hassles of creating a brand yourself

To start a Lil’ Cipur franchisee, an estimated capital of Rs 5 - 6 Lakhs  will be required. This sum will cover expenses for:
  1. Ambience as per standardized design
  2. Furniture and fittings
  3. Equipments and educational material
  4. Working capital
  5. Franchisee fee
p.s this sum does not include pre-operating expenses such as rental deposit and others.

To conduct a Lil’Cipur Preschool you will require:
  1. A minimum of  1500 sq. feet built up area with outdoor of about 800 sq ft or more area
  2. Preference will be given to independent houses in easily accessible, prominent, quiet locations on the ground floor
  3. Good Frontage for great visibility in the desired area will be important
  4. Reasonable rental rates and rental deposits/advances to ensure healthy returns
  5. To be situated in a residential area and not on a busy traffic road
p.s. Lease arrangement for the tenure of the agreement with clear focus of being undisturbed for a few years.

Our partnership program is focused on you. We are very clear that we want to be leaders in the locations we operate and that will happen by ensuring that we have the right partners, with the right commitment and the right resources. The least we expect is
  1. A College Degree and be Well Informed
  2. A Keen Interest in Education Services
  3. Love for working with Kids and Zeal to Succeed
  4. Reasonable Financial resources & background
Before taking a final decision, you are invited to visit our centre. Post that  if you feel you can be a part of Lil’ Cipur, you are invited to be a part of our family
  1. Get in touch with us over phone/mail
  2. Fix an appointment to get better understanding
  3. Meet us and Get the required information
  4. Visit any of our schools to get a feel
  5. Block the area you are interested with us by signing MOU
  1. We will assist you in finding and designing property
  2. Sign up agreement
  3. Launch the school
  4. Celebrate happy franchising with Lil’ Cipur!!!