VIBGYOR Framework | Lilcipur
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The learning Process we follow is simple yet effective. The curriculum is designed in a way that by the time the kid is out of K2, he should be ready for any medium of school like CBSE, ICSE or any state board.The framework of our learning is based on the UK Early Learning Goals covering the following areas of learning, growth & development in children classified as following colors of rainbow ..

V: Victory over language, literacy and communication

One of the most important development area is Language, Literacy & Communication. Proper guidance has to be given to the child for learning a language. We encourage learning through phonics. This is achieved by first introducing the child to sounds of alphabets and then gradually words.  The sounds are not taught in alphabetical order. The principle behind this is that, learning phonetics helps the child identify the sound and spell correctly.Writing is taught only by 4 years.Children are also taught grammar and how to form proper sentences as he progresses.

I: Imbibe our culture

Any education cannot end without children having a “Knowledge of Culture” especially in India. The child is made aware of the culture and religion that it is a part of.  Throughout the stay of child with us starting from Nursery to K2, he/she would celebrate a lot of Indian festivals and would be sensitized about cultural heritage.

B: Believe in self

“Physical Development” is an extremely important development need for the young ones. A growing child needs a proper guidance on developing his/her motor skills. For ease of understanding, motor skills are eye-hand coordination. These are important because they are used for a number of important functions such as writing, eating with spoon, learning to tie a shoe etc. We ensure a proper training on these skills through lot of simple, effective games.

G: Growreading fundamentals

Reading fundamentals are an extention of the“Physical Development”. Reading is the next level in stages of child’s growth and foundation. We ensure that the child is introduced to reading lessons at the appropriate time and should not feel burdened about it. This we do with the help of a wide range of exciting reading related activities

Y: Yummy math

“Mathematical ,Logical & Reasoning Development” is one of the most important pillars in childs development. We enable kids to explore the amazing mathematical possibilities in the world. Our math’s program ensures that the math lessons are taught through games, quizzes, worksheets and many other fun activities. A good solid foundation in math is extremely important for a robust future

O: Outsmart creativity

“Creative Development” is yet another key development area. Going by our basic ideology and methodology creative art is an integral part of our curriculum.Experiment and learn, Try out new things, Question, Demand and answer, Explore and create …. All this is what we practice. Various activities related to colors mixing, painting, crafting, scribbling on white sheets, playing with dough, block building etc shall tickle their grey cells and enhance his/her creativity

R: Relish the world around us

“Knowledge & Understanding of the world around us” is an extremely important development area.At Lil Cipur, music and dance and learn plays a pivotal role in the entire curriculum. It not only pleases the child and keeps his/her in great mood but also, which helps to improve the listening abilities. We want our children to be explore the world around us. In line with this thought, LC organizes outdoor field trips like visit to the Supermarket, Doctors clinic and Parks for our young explorers.