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Dear parents,

Lil Cipur is a concept Pre-school, born with the desire to nurture kids and lay a healthy foundation for a robust, learned society. Our’s is a unique name and there’s a story behind it.

The story of Cipur goes like this … There was a small boy named Willy who pretended shooting sparrows with his toy gun out of fun. One fine day he was turned into a Sparrow by the Sparrow Guardian. Not knowing how to fly, Willy got very upset and sad. And then a sweet sparrow named “Cipur” helped him find his way out. Cipur taught Willy how to fly in exchange Willy taught Cipur how to read and they became best friends forever.….. And hence we got our name “Lil’ Cipur” !

Tiny little sparrow named “Cipur” is the mascot of our school and it will be a learning companion for the child at every stage throughout his/her association with us. Cipur will help its friends to be cheerful, successful and independent – able to function in the real world, demanding place.


Latest News

Admissions Open 2022-23

We are glad to announce that admissions are open.

New Branch

New Mega Branch of Lil Cipur getting launched at.

New Website Launched

We have just launched our new website to help.

Christmas Carnivaal

We celebrated Christmas and New Year Fiesta near Balaji.

Smart Class

Both the branches Mahalaxminagar and Tulsinagar, equipped with Smart.

Grand Launch

We are launching our second school at Tulsinagar A467,.

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Our Vision

To be a globally trusted brand recognized for excellence in early years foundation.



We always wanted to count our self in between the top and best pre school in Indore hence we have designed our school in the best way, keeping our children in mind. The equipment of our Nursery is selected keeping mind the growing needs of our young learners, to ensure the all-round holistic development of each child. We have latest and professional preschool infrastructure like Smart Class base learning has been installed and that makes us the best play school in Indore.


About School

We are a team of a determined and energetic gathering of people, having to a great degree scholarly foundation held hands together for a cause. “Sparrows” is made as a place wherein Pre-School we nurture kids with effective knowledge and lays a healthy foundation for a robust learned society for the future. We are professionals but always keep the atmosphere of our school as friendly and informal so that we can offer the best comfort to our kids and their parents.


Global Student

Students in our LilCipur nursery school are smart and intelligent plus they are active in the extra-curricular activities held in the school. Our students are confident and they do not hesitate in taking part in conversations. We are happy to say that we are the best pre nursery school in Indore where we groom each of our students and we prepare them to grow up confidently so that they represent themselves on a global level or on a global platform with poise.


Modern Infrastructure

Our kids are the precious assets for us same as they are for their parents. We have designed our school premises keeping children in mind. Every and every equipment is selected keeping in mind the growing needs of our young learners, to ensure the all-round holistic development of each child. This is the reason we are one of the best pre school in Indore near Mahalaxmi area. We have all modern amenities to take care your kids.


Friendly Support

Your special Kid would always feel the friendly touch from us while walking on this beautiful journey at LilCipur pre-school. Lilcipur is not just a play school, but a home to those kids who want to enhance their knowledge and embrace their lives with bright and effective results for better future. Our Teachers are friendly and supportive all the time with all our children and take care them with a soft and dedicated hand.


Hygiene And Safety

We have CCTVs installed in the school to ensure kids are under surveillance in sensitive areas. Access to the center is only through one main gate properly manned by a guard. Properly mended open play area where children will play and learn in fresh air and sunlight. All the amenities are there for the children to give them the best homely atmosphere. Even we take care that the furniture and other objects in the premises are soft and have rounded edges to avoid any accidental hurt to our kids.

Featured Courses

Please follow the details below for our Course:

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In our play group, children get to know themselves better. They explore their immediate environment, have fun with art, explore colours, shapes, listen to stories, sing and dance on simple songs, learn how

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In our nursery class, children investigate and discover not just their surrounding but also the people around them. They familiarize themselves with materials with different grips, they recognize a large.

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Kindergarten 1

Our K1 children expand their explorations from the school to the immediate surroundings and beyond. They ask & answer questions, solve problems and interact with other children and adults as they pursue.

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Kindergarten 2

K2 children are motivated and well equipped to face the challenges of formal schooling system. They are healthy, caring individuals, good communications, independent thinkers, lifelong learners and global citizens

Our Team

Rashmi Krishna mam

Rashmi Krishna

My name is Mrs. Rashmi Krishna. I have a  passion for teaching and for trying to have an individual approach to each child, to achieve the best possible progress with everyone. I love being around children and feel a big responsibility as someone who’s supposed to be not only a skilled teacher but also a good role model for the students.

Chitra ashtekar

Chitra ashtekar

My name is Mrs Chitra ashtekar. Teaching is my hobby as well as my passion.
I love having children around me. I believe teaching such young minds is a task of great importance as we have the task of building the future!

Pragya Singh Bais

Pragya Singh Bais

Hi, my name is Pragya Singh Bais. While I’ve always felt driven to be a school educator, the joy I felt from facilitating the growth and development of the students at Lil Cipur only reaffirmed my passion. My approach to teaching a student is Constructive, Collaborative, Integrative, Reflective, and Inquiry-based.

Raj rathore


Trust & Testimonials

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Prisha’s Parents

I had come across the Lil Cipur school two years ago when I was looking for a preschool for my 4 year old. There were other options in the vicinity, but there was something about this school that clicked with me and I started my daughter here. From first day she became friendly with all the teachers and students. The environment provided at school not only focused on academics, but also nurtured her personality and boosted confidence in her. Two years later, now my second one is also going to the Lil Cipur in Mahalakshmi Nagar and has settled down very soon with the help, affection and motivation given by the teachers. I would especially recommend Ms. Renu for being an excellent mentor not only for teachers and staff, but also for students.
– Prisha’s Family

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Dhruv’s Parents

Dhruv joined the school LilCipur at nursery level. He got acclimatized smoothly with his follow students and the school environment. After going to KG I he learned his subject lessons with keen interest and with intelligent expressions. Dhruv is now in KG II and finds school very interesting. He has started to understand his responsibility. He is mentally, socially and physically developing fast. He is happy and finds schooling fun as well as learning.
Dhruv’s Family


Arpit Puja Trivedi

We would like to thank you both for creating such a lovely atmosphere at Happy Kids. Khanak has loved every minute of her time here and it was a tough decision to move her next year. Lil Cipur school is a wonderful, loving and creative place. We would like to thank you for providing such excellent service with caring teachers and wonderful activities.
We will all take away some very happy memories, thank you. Best wishes for the future. I know I said much of this before but I would certainly recommend your school to anyone in the area.
Best Wishes

Arpit Puja Trivedi



LilCipur school is amazing! This is our daughter’s first preschool experience. The atmosphere and learning experience is optimal for all children. The thing I love the most about Lil’Cipur is that teachers and staff truly care about and love the children. Lil’Cipur always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. Lil’Cipur is also a safe place for my child. A big Thank You to everyone at Lil’Cipur. I truly appreciate this!



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Lucky Priyank Acharya

Thank you Lil’Cipur team, Kiaan has enjoyed the start of Nursery. He has shown us many learning skills and we have noticed a great change in him. Kiaan enjoys every moment whenever he goes to school. Kiaan’s progress is amazing, he really enjoys after coming from school.

A big Thank You to all Lil’Cipur school of staff for giving my son such a great start in his life. He has progressed so well. Lil’Cipur school provide a creative, caring and healthy environment for kid. They provide excellent service and caring teachers and staff. The teaching staff is very good at nurturing and developing the children’s academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play.

I would certainly recommend your school to anyone in the area.

Lucky Priyank Acharya

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    We are proud to say that we have some of the best faculties throughout our state. Our higly professional environment and great reputation attracts best teachers in the industry. If you are willing to join us …

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    We are glade to announce that admissions are open for the year 2017. Parents are requested to collect admission forms through our office and submit the same before last date..

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    A venture where your dependence on macro-economic factors or market is least – the recession proof industry An industry where return on investment, time and effort is one of the highest-A profitable venture

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