Why Lil’Cipur | Lilcipur

“lil’ Cipur” is the second home for kids. Our ideologies are very simple

  1. Learning without burden: We do not want the kids to carry a big shoulder bag every day to school. We want them to build on their natural curiosity, desire to experiment and learn while play
  2. Learning in clean, hygienic and safe environment: We are committed towards this. We want parents to feel that their child is at home, away from home.
  3. Learning without boundaries: Learning doesn’t start or stop in a class. Learning is a continuous process and will keep moving to different places to learn, be it the garden or the auditorium or the class.
  4. Learning which is planned, purposeful and flexible: There can be a thousand things taught to the kids, of which relevant are only a few. We focus on those few. We want kids to follow their own interests and develop at their own pace.